Neighborhood Law Program

Mission Statement

The Neighborhood Law Program, collaborating with City departments, outside governmental agencies, and the citizens of Vallejo, coordinates the efficient use of City resources to eliminate blight and nuisance conditions throughout the City of Vallejo. The Neighborhood Law Program advances the interests of the City by gaining voluntary compliance and initiating legal proceedings, improving the quality of life for its citizens.

The Program

The Neighborhood Law Program (NLP) is funded by Measure B. The program puts attorneys on the streets of Vallejo to tackle blight and nuisance conditions. In addition to meeting with residents and community organizations, the NLP lawyers work with the Vallejo Police Department, Code Enforcement Division, and other departments to abate the City's most unfavorable nuisances and improve the quality of life in Vallejo. If you would like to submit an issue in your neighboorhood for our NLP lawyers to investigate, please click here>> for our NLP Citizen Reporter Intake Form.

Neighborhood Law Program es un proyecto financiado por la Medida B. El programa pondra abogados en las calles de Vallejo para arreglar condiciones feas y peligrosas en la ciudad. Además de reunirse con los residentes y organizaciones de la comunidad, los abogados del programa trabajarán con el Departamento de Policía de Vallejo, División de Cumplimiento del Código, y otros departamentos para arreglar las molestias más desfavorables de la ciudad y mejorar la calidad de vida en Vallejo. Si usted desea presentar un problema en tu barrio para que nuestros abogados de NLP investigen por favor haga clic aquí >> Formulario De Admision.


NLP List

The following properties are the subject of either investigation or enforcement action by the City of Vallejo staff. This is based upon receipt of an intake form or complaint indicating that a nuisance or nuisances exist on the property. Nothing herein purports to cast any blame or responsibility on any particular individual or party. It is the City's intent that every applicable statute or ordinance be adhered to when abating nuisances.

Railroad Tracks (Marin/Arkansas)
415 KentuckyStreet
359 De Anza Drive
Adopt - A - Block 
(Arkansas/Marin Streets)
3016 Irwin Street
523 Hilton Ave
 607 Tregaskis Ave
735 Alabama Street
524 Grennan Ave
 703 Sutter St.