Public Safety Cameras

 Updated: October 1, 2015

 Public Safety Cameras 

Project Allocation: $ 450,000
Votes: 802  Voting finish among 12 projects approved: #12
Project Description:
Install cameras at key public locations to assist police in deterring and prosecution of crime.

Implementing Entities:
Vallejo Police Department

This project increases the capability of the Vallejo Police Department by capturing visual data in real time.  This project will be implemented in at least three stages.  As part of the first phase, approximately 11 cameras will be installed at the Ferry Terminal.  Additional fixed cameras at strategic locations within the City and mobile cameras affixed to police vehicles will be added.  In addition, PB funds enabled the Vallejo Police Department to purchase a Video Management Server that provides a centralized location for collecting, storing and analyzing camera footage.

Project Updates:  The video management server was purchased in January 2014.  Phase 1, focused on the waterfront, began in March 2014 was completed in December 2014. 

The second phase, involving the purchase and installation of automatic license plate readers, is currently underway.  The project completion date is anticipated to be December 2015.

To date, $312,916 (or 70%) in funding has been expended, with the balance expected to be utilized by December 2015.
02/2015 Staff developing formal contract for camera system procurement and installation.
12/2014 City Council authorizes purchase of 5 mobile and 4 fixed automatic license plate reader camera systems.
10/2014 License plate reader cameras inadequate; returned to vendor for full refund
5/16/2014 4 automatic license plate reader cameras are purchased for installation on police vehicles.
4/2/2014 PB Cameras on KCBS
3/29/2014 11 fixed cameras at installed at the Ferry Terminal.
The Police Department selects one of the two bids and purchases the cameras.  Installation is scheduled for late March.
2/2014  The Police Department receives bids from two vendors for the purchase and installations of cameras at the Ferry Terminal.
1/2014  A video management server is purchased to collect and store the camera footage from this project.
12/20/2013 The Police Department determines the locations and specifications of Ferry Terminal cameras.
7/23/2013 The City Council adopts Resolution No. 13-120 N.C., approving the Project for implementation.

 Resolution No. 13-120 N.C.
 Original Project Proposal