Steering Committee

PBSC 2014

The PBSC oversees the PB process, which includes designing the rules, planning public meetings, and conducting outreach with diverse communities. Members work with City Staff to ensure that PB Vallejo is transparent, fair, and inclusive.  

The committee has 21 members, including a minimum of 14 local civic organizations and a maximum of 7 individual, or at-large, members. Steering Committee members serve for 2 cycles of Vallejo's PB process (approximately 2 years).

PBSC Members for FY 2013-14:

Membership Term
 John De La Torre (Vice Chair)  Sean McGuire  Belvedere Homeowners Association  2012-14
 Joey Lake  Judith Lerner Better Vallejo  2012-14
 Josephine Wilson  John Allen Fighting Back Partnership  2014
 JR Matulac  Nestor Aliga Filipino Community of Solano County  2012-14
 Cris Villanueva  Greg Torres Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce  2012-14
 Frank Corpuz  Ramon Paredes Filipino-American Retired U.S. Armed Forces Association  2012-14
 Karol Heppe (Secretary)  Liat Meitzenheimer Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD)  2012-14
Eva M. Coley
Patricia Baisden
African American Alliance
A. Marie Young
Pam Keith
Solano Community College  2012-14
 Peggy Cohen-Thompson  LaGuan Lea Solano County Black Chamber of Commerce  2012-14
 David Gonzalez  Andrea Garcia Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce  2012-14
 Tom Atwood  Rich Curtola Vallejo Chamber of Commerce  2012-14
 Mike Browne  Carrie Baulwin Vallejo Convention and Visitors Bureau
 Lori Allio  Michelle Whitney
Vallejo Heights Neighborhood Association  2012-14
 Lynda Daniels (Chair)  Dan Halyard Vallejo NAACP  2012-14
 Pelton Stewart  Jeremy Medina Vallejo Sister City Association
 Gary Bennett    At-Large  2013-15
 Kim Thomas    At-Large  2013-15
 Ravi Shankar    At-Large  2013-15
 Shelee Loughmiller    At-Large  2013-15
 Susie Cole    At-Large  2013-15
 Diana Dowling    At-Large  2014

Note: Alternates will be appointed annually during the official call for applications in September.

Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2014 (Special Meeting)
January 21, 2014
February 18, 2014
March 18, 2014
April 15, 2014
May 20, 2014
June 17, 2014
July 15, 2014
August 19, 2014