Mare Island Western Approach

Mare Island Causway BridgeSummary:

The Mare Island Causeway western approach structure is located on “G” Street at the westerly end of the Mare Island Causeway Bridge, originally built in 1934.

The existing western approach is a three-span timber framed structure with two intermediate bents that have been supplemented with temporary shoring to address significant structural deterioration and stress deficiencies.

The proposed replacement bridge is an estimated 52 foot long simple span concrete structure. The purpose of this project is to permanently address the deterioration, stress deficiencies and increase the safety of the traveling public. The project will improve load capacity as well as improve seismic characteristics.

The proposed project includes replacement of approach road asphalt concrete (AC) pavement, sidewalk and installation of new handrails, signing and striping. The work will be broken into two phases.  Please see the Staged Construction Plan for more information.

The project schedule has been delayed by approximately 3-4 months due to requirement of several technical studies and California Historical Preservation officer approval for Environmental clearance.

Budget: $3.5 M Engineer’s Estimate

Status: Process of Final Design


  • November 2014 - Final Design Approval
  • January 2015 - Bid Opening
  • March 2015 - Project Award
  • April 2015 - Construction

Project Documents

Go to the following location to access project files.  Visit the bids and proposals page for the most current proposal.

If you have questions contact Srinivas Muktevi, Project Manager (707) 651-7107,