Facilities & Grounds

Facilities Maintenance Section

Provides plumbing, painting, carpentry, masonry, electrical, welding services, general maintenance, and contract services for the interior and exterior service of City-owned facilities.

City-Owned facilities Include:

    • Fleming Hill Water Treatment Plant • Maintenance Corporation Yard
    • Vallejo Police Dept. Stations • Vallejo Fire Dept. Stations
    • Marina Office & Facilities
    • Green Valley Reservoir Keeper Location
    • Travis Plant Operator Location • Swanzy Plant Operator Location
    • Building 535, Mare Island
    • 8th Street Gazebo
    • Vallejo City Hall
    • JFK Library
    • Vallejo Senior Center
    • Springstowne Library
    • Mare Island Guard Shack
    • Vallejo Fire Training Location

Grounds Maintenance Section

 Maintenance Crews picking up illegal dumping

  Grounds Section Responsibilities:
  • Maintenance of 150 acres of City parcels, 96 right-of-ways, 22 alleys, 2 cemeteries, 23 parking lots, and 42 water pump/operations sites
  • Planting and trimming 53,000 street trees
  • Weed abatement on public property
  • Maintenance of 25 median landscape islands
  • Cleanup of items illegally dumped on public property
  • Maintenance of various ornamental and landscaped areas
  • Maintenance of City Hall property

If you have any concerns or would like to report a problem related to City trees and landscape or illegal dumping, please submit a report on SeeCickFix  or call (707) 648-5235.

Clean up of Temporary Shelters on Public Property

The Maintenance Division assists Code Enforcement, Housing and the Police Department by coordinating with the outside agency Greenworks to tag, bag, and store any personal property left on the site and perform biohazard cleanup. The Maintenance Division will attempt to restore the location to its original condition once the site has been deemed clear by Greenworks.

View Administrative Rule 7.10, Garbage Removal; Clean up of Temporary Shelters and Code Enforcement Abatement Procedures.