Vallejo Inter-Agency Partnership (VIP): Vallejo Entrances & Thoroughfares Program

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The City of Vallejo (Public Works Maintenance Division, Police Department, and Code Enforcement Division), Caltrans, Vallejo City Unified School District, Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District, Greater Vallejo Recreational District, California Maritime Academy, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce have partnered with members of the community to clean up, maintain, and landscape all highly visible entrances and major thoroughfares throughout the City of Vallejo.  This monumental beautification effort, initiated by Vallejo City Manager Dan Keen, has progressed in phased clean-up and landscaping activities which began on October 19, 2012, with the initial Phase I clean-up of Sonoma Boulevard.  Since then, the interagency partners have completed ten additional phased clean-ups on, but not limited to section of: Highway 37, Highway 780, and Highway 80.  

The interagency partners collaborate on each phased activity to pick up trash, cut down overgrown vegetation, trim trees, remove graffiti, and perform other enhancement tasks to make the target entrances and thoroughfares attractive to citizens, businesses, and visitors.  While Caltrans and the Vallejo Public Works Maintenance Division primarily address significant blight on public rights-of-way,  the City’s Code Enforcement Division plays an important role by conducting educational and enforcement activity for weeds, graffiti, litter, junk, encampments, and other blight on the private properties that abut each phased entrance and thoroughfare area.  These private properties are listed here.

For more information, contact:

Mike Schreiner
Assistant Maintenance Superintendent
City of Vallejo - Public Works
(707) 648-4319
[email protected]

Dong Yoo
Senior Code Enforcement Officer
City of Vallejo
(707) 648-4469
[email protected]

Phased Clean-ups

• Phases XI & XII - TBA 2015

• Phase X - November 2014: I-80/Highway 37 interchange around the Columbus Parkway off ramps.

• Phase IX - August 2014: Westbound I-80 at the Tennessee Street interchange.

• Phase VIII - May 2014: I-780 from Lauren Street to Lemon Street

• Phase VII - March 2014: Highway 29 medians from Missouri Street to Yolano Street

• Phase VI - December 9, 2013: Eastbound I-80 from the Georgia Street exit to the I-80/Highway 37 interchange.  Specific areas focused on by the maintenance crews included:

        - Eastbound I-80 exit and on-ramp from Georgia Street
        - Eastbound I-80 exit and on-ramp from Solano Avenue/Springs Road
        - Eastbound I-80 exit and on-ramp from Tennessee Street
        - Eastbound I-80 exit and on-ramp from Redwood Street

• Phase V - October 2013: Westbound Highway 37 from Fairgrounds Drive to Highway 29

• Phase IV - March 25, 2013: Eastbound Highway 37 starting at the Highway 29 on-ramp extending to the Highway 80 on-ramp, including work on the Fairgrounds interchange and sign/guard rail repair at the Wilson Avenue/Highway 37 entrance to Vallejo

• Phase III - January 23, 2013: Area interchange of the southbound I-780 Highway ramp onto the eastbound I-80 Highway

• Phase II – November 19 - December 10, 2012: Magazine Street north to the Vallejo/American Canton City limit

• Phase I – October 19, 2012: Southern end of Sonoma Boulevard moving north towards Lemon Street

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To go behind the scenes, and see Caltrans, the City of Vallejo, and other partnering agencies at work, please click HERE.

 The Vallejo Inter-Agency Partnership (VIP) was featured on KCBS on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014. If you wish to hear the live broadcast, please click HERE.


Adopt-A-Highway Program (Caltrans)

The Adopt-A-Highway Program is an important component of clean-up effort. After VIP’s clean-up and landscape activities in a phased area within California's State Highway System, VIP members look for businesses, neighborhood groups and other interested parties to adopt the area and provide continuing landscaping and maintenance services through the Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway Program.  These services assist with regular maintenance and landscaping efforts performed by Caltrans. Groups have the option to participate as volunteers or hire a maintenance service provider to perform the work on their behalf.

The Adopt-A-Highway Program government-public partnerships have successfully resulted in the clean-up and enhancement of over 15,000 miles of roadside by more than 120,000 Californians. Program participants can look forward to implementing one or more of the following methods to improve the appearance of their adopted areas:

• Removing litter (work frequency varies with location)
• Planting and establishing trees or wildflowers
• Removing graffiti
• Controlling vegetation

Adopt a highway area in Vallejo NOW! Highways that run through the City of Vallejo (I-780, I-80, Highway 37, Highway 29) frequently offer the initial perception of the City. If these major thoroughfares are blighted with litter, weeds and graffiti, the initial perception of our beautiful city will be viewed negatively, thereby discouraging people from exploring and enjoying all that the City of Vallejo has to offer.

The City of Vallejo and Caltrans encourage community businesses, neighborhood groups, and organizations to partner and adopt an area of one of Vallejo's noted Highways. You will take an appreciated step in keeping Vallejo clean for everyone.

If you are interested in Adopting a highway area*, please contact:

Jose Montoya
Caltrans Assistant Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator
Solano County
(510) 286-6227
[email protected]

Vince Jacala
Caltrans Public Information Officer
Solano County
(510) 286-5206
[email protected]

*For highway areas with safety concerns, Caltrans approved professional landscape contractors will have to maintain your adopted area for you.