Stormwater Spills & Dumping

Stormwater Regulatory Information

In response to the Federal Clean Water Act, all municipalities are regulated with regard to their jurisdiction and/or maintenance responsibility for municipal storm drain systems and watercourses that they own or operate.


Provision C.12.f of the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit requires that PCBs - containing building materials be managed during demolition.
Follow this link for PCB Assessment Application Package. Contact City of Vallejo Environmental Services Manager (707) 648-5410.

Report Illegal Dumping or Spill Near a Storm Drain

It is prohibited to put anything other than rain water, including oil, down a storm drain!
If you notice a violation in progress, please call 9-1-1 and report the location and pollutant.
If you notice pollutants in the water, please contact Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Control District (VSFCD) at 707-644-8949 ext. 260.

For more information on stormwater dumping, visit the VSFCD information page.

Cleaning up Spills with Absorbent Materials

Whenever possible, do not use water to clean spills. Follow these general guidelines to prevent pollutants from entering the storm drain:

1. Place absorbent materials (cat litter, cornmeal, sawdust, etc.) on and around an oil or other type of spill to keep it from spreading,
2. Once the spill has been soaked up, sweep up the material and dispose of it in the garbage.

If Water Must be Used to Clean Up Spills

Follow the above directions, then do one of the following:
• Use a mop and bucket to clean up the rest of the spill. Dispose of the water in a drain that leads to a sanitary sewer, such as a sink. DO NOT dispose of the wash water in a storm drain.

• If you must use a hose, avoid or block off any storm drains to prevent the hose water from entering the storm drain.

• Use a hose or bucket to clean the area, then use a wet vacuum or sump pump to collect the wash water. Dispose of the wash water in a drain that leads to a sanitary sewer, such as a sink. DO NOT dispose of the wash water in a storm drain.


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