Waterfront Project

**For information regarding the Northern Waterfront Entitlements, please click here.**

**For information regarding the imported soil project, see Clean Infill section below**

Master Developer: Callahan Property Company, Pleasanton, California
Contact: Joe Callahan, [email protected] or (925) 463-9205


The Waterfront Project outlines a vision for a dynamic and vibrant mixed use community at the City’s waterfront. Public improvements, such as the Vallejo Station Garage and Bus Transit Center, provide a transit-oriented environment, linking to the SF Bay Ferry. Residential, commercial and office development, combined with open space amenities, bring 24/7 activity with pedestrian-friendly and well-designed features, making the waterfront a destination for local residents and regional visitors. The project received entitlements for the Waterfront Planned Development Master Plan in 2007 and certified its Environmental Impact Report in 2005, both of which are available in the document library below. 
Nothern Waterfront Waterfront Rendering

Current Status

A Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) with Callahan Property Company has been in effect since 2000, and has been amended several times to reflect updated conditions. On June 21, 2016, the City Council approved the Fifth Amended and Restated DDA (Fifth Restatement), encompassing approximately 52 acres in the areas known as the Northern Waterfront, located east of the Mare Island Strait, south of the Mare Island Causeway, west of Mare Island Way and Central Waterfront, located south of Capitol Street, west of Santa Clara Street to its intersection with Maine Street (shown below).

Map of the Northern and Central Waterfront

Northern and Central Waterfront

Fifth Restatement:

  • The Fifth Restatement
  • Operating Memorandum #1 executed 3/17/17 providing updated scope and schedule of property disposition and development attachments to the Fifth Restatement
  • The Staff Report and Resolutions on the Fifth Restatement for the 6/21/16 City Council meeting
  • A Summary of Terms for the Fifth Restatement
  • A Comparison of the Fourth and Fifth Restatements

Clean infill project

To assist in the development of the Northern Waterfront, the City will be importing clean soil to the area located at the southwest corner of Mare Island Way and Tennessee Street to help stabilize the land for future development.

Additional background documents:

  • Summary of development, as outlined in the PDMP
  • A history of the Waterfront Project up to the Fourth Restatement (Information about the history and purpose of the Fourth Restatement is contained within the staff report for the Fifth Restatement)
  • A document library providing the planning and environmental documents and other related documents for the Waterfront Project