Capital Projects (CIP)

Sunset rebar at Parking StructureThe Capital Improvement Project (CIP) section ensures the management of all City projects. CIP provides engineering design, construction administration, and construction inspection for the City’s Capital Improvement Program.

Please visit our Standard Specifications page for links to the current City of Vallejo standard specifications and referenced specifications.

Street Paving

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Pavement Condition Dashboard


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Capital Projects Bids and Proposals

You can receive updates and specifications for a project by registering as a Planholder. Visit the Bids & Proposals page for information.

For questions regarding current bids and proposals, please call us at (707) 648-5251.

Current Projects

For questions regarding a Current Project, please visit the project page for appropriate contact information.

Projects Under Construction

Capitol St, Delwood St, Saunders Dr and Wilshire Ave Rehabilitation Project 

Scope of work: In accordance with the Drawings and Specifications, the Work includes furnishing all labor, materials, tax, equipment, incidentals and services for the construction and completion of the Capitol Street, Delwood Street, Saunders Drive, and Wilshire Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation Project. The work includes but is not limited to: Developing and implementing a water pollution program, traffic control for street closures and detours, surveying and staking for proposed grades, remove and replace curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveway, and curb ramps, cold-milling removal of asphalt concrete, hot-mix asphalt paving, lowering and raising of existing utilities, recycling disposed materials, installation of new drain inlets and piping, pavement striping, signage, and relocating utilities.

Capitol Street from Santa Clara St to Sacramento St is currently closed for Construction. Please use other routes.


Anticipated Completion of Construction: November 2021


Project Manager Contact Information:

Name:  Brant Wilson

Title:      Assistant Engineer

e-mail:  [email protected]


Projects in Development

PW9708 HSIPSL Springs Rd Diet Project

The City of Vallejo is seeking to improve roadway conditions, automobile safety and pedestrian safety city-wide. The City has obtained funds through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP 10) for this project. The location of the project is Springs Road from Maywood Drive to Humboldt Street/Miller Avenue. The locations were selected via a city-wide review of data and through public outreach to identify locations that were in need of pedestrian and roadway improvements. The City of Vallejo has hired a design consultant to prepare plans and specifications for bid. Estimated Advertisement of Bid is Early 2022.


Project Manager Contact Information:


Name:  Brant Wilson

Title:      Assistant Engineer

e-mail:  [email protected]


Completed Projects

Visit our Project Archive to view completed projects. Projects on this page are complete and are shown for information purposes only.

If you have questions regarding the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) section, please email us or call (707) 648-5251.

Capital improvement program

The 5-Year Capital Improvement Program is a multi-year planning tool for budgeting and managing the City’s growth and development, as well as maintaining existing infrastructure. It is updated regularly to reflect changing needs, funding availability, and removing projects which have been completed. The annual update allows the City’s priorities and needs to be re-evaluated during each subsequent year.

Fiscal Year 2021 - 2022 CIP Draft
Fiscal Year 2020 - 2021 CIP Adopted