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Illegal Dumping in the City of Vallejo

If you see illegal dumping in progress anywhere…

Call 9-1-1. If it is no longer in progress, you may report it to the Illegal Dumping Hotline at 707-648-0445 or email [email protected]. Make sure to get a good description of the person dumping, the vehicle that they were driving, and if possible, the vehicle's license plate number. Photograph and video file evidence may also be sent via email.  

For debris that is located on public property i.e.: street, sidewalk, alley, State, CalTrans, GVRD or other City owned property:

Call Public Works Maintenance at (707) 648-5235 or report via SeeClickFix. 

For trash/debris on private property:
Contact Code Enforcement at [email protected] or (707) 648-4469.

When someone dumps on your property:
You may report the issue to the police but you will ultimately be responsible for the removal of the items.