Mare Island Causeway Bridge

The Mare Island Causeway Bridge is located at the north end of the Vallejo Waterfront. This bridge connects Mare Island to the Greater Vallejo area and is accessible to vehicles, pedestrian, and rail traffic.

Thanks to Matt Pierce for the great picture!
Picture courtesy of Mark Pierce

The City of Vallejo is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Mare Island Vertical Lift Span Bridge.


Please check back for preventative maintenance work schedule in late 2017.

Bridge Facts

  • 165 feet long and 48.5 feet wide on top
  • Minimum Clearance (span down) 12.4 feet*
  • Maximum Clearance (span fully raised) 99.7 feet* (87.3 ft. max. lift height, plus 12.4 ft. distance to water)

* Clearance based on High High Mean Water Levels  

Hours of Operation

Regular Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., 7 days a week.

  • To request bridge opening during these hours, please call (707) 562-3556. 


After Hours Lift Requests: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 a.m. 

  • To request bridge opening during these hours, please call (707) 534-3715. Two (2) hours advance notice is required for assistance after hours.


Communications with Bridge Tower During Normal Operating Hours

To Request Lift During Regular Operating Hours:

  • By Sound Signal
    • One prolonged blast followed by one short blast
      • via whistle, horn, megaphone, hailer or other device loud enough to be heard by the Bridge Operator
  • By Visual Signal
    • Raise and lower a white flag vertically, or
    • Raise a white, amber, or green light vertically
  • By Radio
    • Call on Marine Radio Channel 13 (156.650MHz)
  • By Telephone
    • 707-562-3556
Bridge Operator Responses During Regular Operating Hours:
  • One prolonged blast followed by one short blast
    • Operator has heard the request and will open immediately
  • Five short blasts in rapid succession
    • Operator has heard the request and cannot open immediately


Requesting Bridge Opening During Regular NON-Operating Hours:

Please call (707)534-3715 and follow the prompts provided. Requests must be submitted two (2) hours in advance of needed bridge opening.

Mare Island Causeway Bridge

For questions unrelated to Lift Requests, please call the Traffic Maintenance section at (707)648-4518.